Real Coyote Feet-prints!

You did it! You found that fun little corner of the internet inhabited by a gal
full of curious words, odd thoughts, unceasing laughter,
gross understatements, and other entertaining things.

She is Allyson Brooks. And she is so happy you found her!

She does things. And stuff.

She is the lead editor and a contributing author for Pandahead Publishing.

She designs table-top role-playing games. And then,
she plays them. It’s fun!

She recently graduated from Kennesaw State University with
a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Professional Writing.

She can arrange words and pictures on a page. Nicely.
But, she’s been doing that for nearly 30 years, and she’s
ready for a change.

She’s trying to return back to drawing things, mainly critters.
The picture below is a drawing she did when she was six
years old of her family’s dachshund, Hund.
She worries she may have become a bit rusty since then.

One of the first pictures Allyson drew

When she grows up, she plans to either become a
Pro Wrestling Referee or a Zamboni Driver.
But first, she’ll have to grow up.

Okay. Sure. But, what’s with the coyote?

As a Therian and an animist, Al knows that Coyote has walked with her all her life, teaching her to survive and laugh.
To honor Coyote, she carries those lessons and gifts forward, hoping you’ll learn and laugh, too.

Allyson thanks you for visiting her site. Look around, and enjoy!

*This word? Why, it’s the Cherokee word for “Waassup!” feel free to say it to your friends or any random member of the cherokee nation the next time you see them!


All images courtesy of Allyson Brooks