What’s the T?

It’s okay; she doesn’t bite. Hard.

Chaos, as we know it, began in Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA. At that time, in 1964, the hospital was a small, single building. In the hallway of the maternity ward, an angry woman who was deep in pain announced to all present, “WHAT? IN THE HALLWAY? THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE HALL? NOW?” Thus, the life of Allyson Brooks kickstarted itself with unapologetic urgency.

Although she claims to be raised by wolves, scientific evidence has shown that some human beings were involved. After fighting her way through four schools in Smyrna, GA (one of which is no longer standing–she says she was not involved in its demise in any way), she left home for no good reason.

At one point , she was convinced that invisible fairies were filming her life, so she made sure to look her best at all times. Now, she hopes they have enough footage to start production.

Allyson now peacefully co-exists with her husband Brett, two cats, Ivy and Decibel, and a kind-hearted friend, Bobby.

So, What’s the Deal With the Coyote Theme?

Allyson is the embodiment of the Native American Coyote trickster spirit: curious, playful, adaptable. It takes great effort to embarrass her due to her sacred duty to never take herself or anything else very seriously. And she vows to never cast aside her childlike wonder of the world we live in. She loves to inspire laughter by creating antics that make people think.

She is a paradox: a satire of seriousness, an indirect director, and a critical thinker of invalid arguments. She embraces change and will look at old ideas in new ways. Expect her to be an unpredictable creature of habit.

Allyson’s colorful life has given her many skills. Today, she lays claim to professions that auspiciously interact.


The Coyote Ouroboros
  • Psychology Pregraduate. Using her desire to listen and empathize, she hopes to help those like her be the best they can be through either research or direct counseling.
    She is very proud to announce her graduation in May 2019 from Kennesaw State University. With all pomp and circumstance came a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in Professional Writing.
  • Editor. Many have deemed her The Dominatrix of Grammatical Accountability. She is stern, yet fair, about mechanical perfection.
    As before, she only hopes to help authors be the best writers they can be without losing their true voice.
  • Author. Al has an undying enthusiasm for storytelling. Allyson delights in spinning yarns that both entertain and educate.
  • Game Designer. She creates tabletop role-playing games through her and her husband’s company, Pandahead Publishing. She swears that, very soon, she will complete the shiny, new updated version of her TTRPG for beginners, Meddling Kids.



This infographic can give you yet another view of Allyson’s capabilities


Click here to see her editor & writer resume.

Click here to see her psychology resume.


All photos courtesy of Allyson Brooks and iStock.