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Allyson, with her usual display of flexibility and adaptability, pulled double-duty on Hand of Gold. She authored a short story for the anthology titled “The Feeling is Pari-Mutuel” about a down-on-his-luck gambler who discovers his best friend has been murdered.

An excerpt of the story can be read here.

She also edited twelve stories from seven exceedingly talented authors:

Jeremy Hicks
Rob Howell
Terry Maggert
J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin
Joshua Robertson

And, yes, Brett Brooks. THE Brett Brooks.

NO. Not this guy. Jeez.

With an eagle’s eye, she lined edited each story for mechanical missteps as well as insure that each author remained in step with the style and story guide. She then collaborated with each author to develop a fully-realized noir feel that binds all the stories together as a whole.

A Hand of Gold and Other Stories is an anthology of short story fiction based on the world of comic book character Pussy Katnip. This anthology is published by Pandahead Publishing.


All images courtesy of Pandahead Publishing.